Bikes Across Borders’ mission is to build partnerships by promoting autonomous transportation and cultural arts.

Bikes Across Borders (BAB) mission is to build solidarity partnerships by promoting autonomous transportation & cultural arts. BAB is based at the Rhizome Collective, a center for community organizing & urban sustainability in Austin, TX.

Bikes Across Borders has organized more than ten bike delivery caravans since 2001, sending over 500 bicycles to Cuba, Mexico, and Central America.

At our home base in Austin, TX we operate a non-profit bike shop that repairs salvaged bikes & offers bicycle & bike trailer workshops at the Rhizome Collective. We facilitate the donation of bike tools and used bicycles and parts to support community organizations & bicycle cooperatives locally and in Latin America.

Besides working to support community groups with material aid we also work to organize international delegations, tours, trips, and caravan shipments between grassroots organizations and people in order to foster solidarity across political borders. Our work utilizes popular education techniques, imagery, and theatre to cross language and cultural barriers in order to expose, explain and connect complex political, social, and environmental issues that affect people on all sides of the border.

Bikes Across Borders operates on the help and passion of volunteers and is supported by grants and generous donations. BAB would like to thank the Rhizome Collective, our volunteers, and supporters.